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843.571.5533 Charleston 803-567-5764 Lexington

Emergency Care

There are very few orthodontic emergencies that require immediate care. Most direct injuries to your mouth or teeth, whether undergoing orthodontic treatment or not, should been seen first by your primary care dentist as soon as possible. If a tooth has been knocked out, severely displaced or fractured, your family dentist will have the necessary materials needed to treat these injuries.  If the orthodontic appliances are dislodged or displaced, call us so that we can determine the urgency of the injury and schedule you accordingly. Likely disturbances include: wires poking, loose brackets or bands, loose appliances or retainers, etc…

After Hours

Should you have an orthodontic emergency after office hours, please call 843.571.5533 and leave a message on the emergency line. Calls after 8 PM will be returned the next day. We have select locations designated for after hours care and staff on call seven days a week to assist you.

Helpful hints

These hints will help remedy problems until you can be seen in our office:

  • If a wire is irritating your mouth, cover it with orthodontic wax.
  • If a wire is broken, it needs to be replaced or adjusted in our office. Pull the wire out only if you are able to pull it out without hurting yourself.
  • Bent headgear, facebow or removable appliance that is not fitting well should not be worn until it can be properly adjusted in our office.
  • A broken fixed appliance needs to be seen as soon as possible for removal or replacement.
  • If a retainer cracks, this is not an emergency. However, we want to prevent your teeth from shifting, so call us the next business day to schedule an appointment.
  • Soreness from treatment is common. Try rinsing with warm salt water and/or taking a pain reliever as directed to reduce the discomfort.

For compliance concerns please call 844-815-8229.